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Service At Country Clubs Is All About Hospitality

Harry Gilbert is one of the leaders in the country club industry. As a consultant with and also working with other executive search firms, Harry has positioned himself within the industry not only as a leader but as a trusted advisor and learned colleague.

Harry joins the Institute of Club Directors Podcast and Educational Resource pages with a three-part webinar focusing on hospitality. We will be releasing the webinar in three parts, part one in January, part two in February and part three in March.

Harry brings to the discussion experiences at one of the leading country clubs in Westchester County, NY, Waccabuc Country Club, as well as being Director of Tennis at one of the leading international facilities owned by Tiger Woods and Ernie Els at The Albany Resort in the Bahamas.

In this first of a three-part series, Harry defines what hospitality and customer service. He then relates those definitions to not only his personal experiences throughout his career, but also takes the definition of services to the industry standards set by the Ritz Carlton and several of the best restaurants and restaurateurs in the world, including Danny Meyer and Meyer’s two most famous eateries, Union Square Cafe and Grammercy Tavern. Harry looks at how Meyer prides himself on anticipating customers’ needs and service requirements.

Harry takes questions from those who were part of the original webinar. He’s happy to answer further questions for IOCD members, so please simply email us with any questions you may have pertaining to this first part of Harry’s presentation. Part two will come out in February, 2023.

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