Amisha Savani on Wimbledon, Tennis and Private Members Clubs

Amisha Savani is a leading writer, focusing on tennis not only in Britain, but internationally. Her views and thoughts are far-reaching. In our video meeting with her, Amisha touches on how professional tennis is affecting tennis at private member clubs and looks at how the new racquet sports of padel and pickleball are revolutionizing clubs…

5 Ways – 5 Days to Improve Your Club

A new and exclusive five part masterclass explores the essential techniques of club operations. Join host Ed Shanaphy on a working week plan to improve each aspect of your private members facility.

IOCD Virtual Lunch January 6, 2023

Ed Shanaphy welcomes you to the first in our series of Friday Institute Virtual Luncheons. Meet up with members old and new to share ideas in a relaxed environment.


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